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High Clogs 09M Chestnut Peep Toe Bamboo Blessed Heeled Womens Chunky wqanxIC

French Montana -  No Stylist Feat. Drake

  September 20, 2018 12:14
Audience rating 78 %(163)
Editors rating
Drake's jab at Kanye West was kept intact on French Montana's "No Stylist."

Drake and French Montana do not need a stylist. At least they claim to always be on their game in their latest collaboration. French may be flexing his new Chanel, Gucci belt and fresh Saint Laurent fit but Drake is focusing more on what people can't wear around him. A few weeks ago, a snippet of this track arrived with Drizzy rapping "I told her don't wear no 350's 'round me." The lyric caused a stir and after Yeezy Leopard Exam Aerosoles Combo Women's Wedge Final rwwIFE to the 6ix God, it was speculated whether there would be further jabs thrown on the song.

The Toronto artist doesn't diss Kanye further on the track but he does deliver a noteworthy performance while keeping the original line intact. The pair have previously collaborated on "No Shopping" and considering the subject content being explored here, this is a veritable sequel. French and Drake have undeniable chemistry and it's displayed here once again.

This one is bound to get plenty of airplay on radio and in the club. Anything with Drake on it will get hella streams but French does his thing here too, jumping into falsetto territory at times to remind everybody he needs "No Stylist." Check out the brand new song and let us know your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Iced out, no stylist
New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag
Lifestyle, no stylist
Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choos, that's on you
Diamonds on my neck, frozen tears
Hoppin' out the jet, Lear
Bad b-tches gettin' wet, here

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Womens Bamboo Blessed High 09M Chestnut Chunky Heeled Peep Clogs Toe
Sep 20, 2018

how french get bodied on his own track...

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Kendall Taylor
Sep 27, 2018

this song is trash af

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El Bigoton Apaza
Sep 26, 2018

This was trash, and montana and drake usually deliver.

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Tamir Byrd
Sep 25, 2018

I hate when rappers change their style to try to keep up with the new era of hip hop

Clogs 09M Womens Heeled Toe Peep Blessed Chunky High Chestnut Bamboo
Sep 22, 2018

Nah, I'd better listen to No shopping again

You'll never be Travis Scott French..

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09M Clogs Womens Toe Heeled Bamboo Blessed Chunky High Chestnut Peep
Sep 21, 2018

this track is a bit everywhere to be not that good tbh

Blessed Clogs Womens Bamboo Toe 09M High Peep Chestnut Chunky Heeled
Sep 21, 2018

This song is hot..but Kanye new shoes coming out today and you can bet ya ass I'm coppin them triple white 350's

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Del Boy
Toe Womens Clogs Heeled High Chestnut 09M Chunky Bamboo Blessed Peep 1 h
Tmoro Passamentry Suede VANELi Saimi Black Womens wBxqCg48

Everyone is going to be coppin them due there's an unlimited supply.

Did you say steak
Sep 21, 2018

That boy french listening to ASTROWORLD a little too much

Playboy X
Sep 21, 2018

this banging

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Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019
Sep 21, 2018

Track is Garbo. French is ass. Nigga thought he was Travis and Swae Lee for a sec. Drake’s verse was fire but short. No shopping >

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Sep 21, 2018

this is heat fuck a hater

Sep 20, 2018

Dave Easts song No Stylist was better, this is decent tho French is just garb on it

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Sep 20, 2018

why isnt drake on the hook lmao FOH FRENCH

Womens Bamboo Toe Blessed Heeled Clogs Chunky Peep High 09M Chestnut Reply Share Report
Devon sandwich
Sep 20, 2018

Drake made this His song lmao

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Dark Man X
Sep 20, 2018

this aint it

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Luda Richie
Silver Launch White Black 4 Womens Brooks Y5fwqxXAX Peep Toe Clogs High 09M Chunky Chestnut Heeled Blessed Womens Bamboo
Bamboo Peep Heeled Chestnut Clogs Toe 09M Womens High Chunky Blessed Sep 20, 2018

Drake look gay af in the cover art and look like Jermaine dupri lmao

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Sep 20, 2018

That's slick rick. put some respect in his name

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@akabuca96 : U think he actually thought that was Drake? Man U guys are so easy to troll

  Clogs Chestnut Bamboo Womens High 09M Blessed Peep Chunky Heeled Toe 1
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Womens Heeled Bamboo 09M Chestnut Chunky Toe Clogs Peep High Blessed

Formula or not, fuego is fuego. you know this bumps pulling up to any spot

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Marcy Son
Sep 20, 2018

No Shopping was way better...

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